Just a quick personal mail to tell you folks how much I appreciate your quality service. I'm a software developer at Microsoft in Redmond, WA, and I'm using your 56k dial up access for personal and work purposes until Verizon finally gets around to installing DSL at my new apartment.

I knew when I saw your web site that you were a good company. No unnecessary graphics, ads, or Flash gimmicks, and I found all the information I needed clearly and quickly. You guys obviously run a quality network coupled with smart business sense. I've never experienced a slow moment using your dial-up line here in Redmond, which surprises me given the high density of internet users in the area. And I've never had to deal with obnoxious advertisements, special offers, spam e-mails, newsletters, or anything else from you. Just plain, simple, efficient, reliable Internet access--exactly what I paid for.

Thanks, and keep up the excellent work. Don't change a thing. Grow your operation, but don't change the way you do business, the way you run your network, or anything else. Just keep it the same and scale outward and you'll stomp all the other nation-wide ISPs into the dirt.

Keith F. Kelly
Microsoft Money
Software Development Engineer

Just a note about your service.....I've been a Sysmatrix subscriber for over four years now and I'm a very satisfied customer! Tried Sprint, AT&T, AOL , Verizon and other "free" ISP's. Great selection of toll free dial up access numbers across the country (I've used many) and no "knock offs"! Live support staff is knowledgeable and always courteous. To date I've converted five internet users (family, friends & co-workers) in the New York Jersey Metro area to your service....all have been satisfied. Great Value!

Staten Island, NY

I just want to say that I actually enjoyed my recent tech. session with one of your representatives who was on call this evening. He was extremely polite and PATIENT with my bumbling - I'm just learning this and I will certainly recommend your service to all my friends who are looking for a new internet server!!!

Thank You - Patricia

I just signed up with y'all about an hour ago (11:30pm your time). Before i did, though, i called in and talked to a sales/tech guy. He was incredibly helpful and answered all my questions with absolutely no problem. I threw him some curves to test him and see what all he knew or if he was just talkin' the talk. Well, turns out he actually KNEW what was up. I come from the isp/hosting industry and am very familiar with it. The guy I talked to (didn't get his name) gave me the answers i was lookin' for, in a very clear, concise manner -- even though he wasn't sure of MY knowledge, he didn't talk down to me, and once it was established we were on the same level, he didn't try to impress me by over-explaining things. I asked very direct, straight-forward, yes/no questions and GOT yes/no answers! :) We may have discussed the in's and outs of it for a bit, but his initial answer WAS yes or no, which is what i was lookin' for. Anyway, i wanna let whoever's readin' this know that the guy i talked to last night is good people. It's a good thing he doesn't work for your competition, hehe.


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