Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What's my login or username?
For dial-up networking, your primary e-mail address is your login name. For instance if your e-mail address is then you would simply type this into your dial-up program's login name field.

What's my e-mail address?
All of SysMatrix's e-mail addresses end in ''. So if your username is 'gumby' then your e-mail address will be Note that you can have a username that is totally different than your real name.

What do I use for an e-mail server?
Please see the Support Info page.

I forgot my password! What do I do?
This happens quite often. Don't panic. Just call SysMatrix at 1-866-385-2121 and ask the representative to help you remember your password. They will require verification of your personal billing information before releasing any information about your account.

What is DNS and how do I configure it for SysMatrix?
DNS or Domain Name System is the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses throughout the internet. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember "handle" for an internet address.

When configuring your dial-up program, you may want to add specific DNS server search IP's rather than use 'server assigned' DNS. You may want to select from this list of free and open DNS servers. The list also contains servers that will block adult or other offensive content from reaching your computer.

LifeWire List of Free and Public DNS Servers

Changing / Updating Information:

How do I change my login username?
Changing your login username will also change your primary e-mail account. Only SysMatrix's Customer Service staff can change your login user name. Please call SysMatrix at 1-866-385-2121 and one of our representatives will make the changes you request for you. There will be a $10 setup fee to change your primary e-mail account. Instead, we suggest that you request additional e-mail addresses as they are free.

How do I change my login or e-mail passwords?
Contact SysMatrix's Customer Service staff and they can change your passwords. Please call SysMatrix at 1-866-385-2121 and one of our representatives will make the changes you request for you.

How do I add, delete or update additional (secondary) e-mail accounts?
Note: This paragraph only applies to secondary e-mail accounts and not your primary e-mail account. Just go to our Additional E-mail Request Form and request additional e-mail addresses.


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