Setting up OS X for E-Mail

Thanks to one of our loyal customers, here is how to do this.

  1. Click on the "System Preferences" icon located on the dock.

  2. Click on the "Internet" Icon located under the category "Internet & Network"

  3. Click the tab "Email"

  4. Default Email Reader should be set to "Mail (1.2.3)"

  5. Make sure "Use .Mac Email account" is unchecked

  6. Next to "Email Address:" enter your email address Ex.

  7. "Incoming Mail Server:" should be

  8. "Account Type:" should be set to "POP"

  9. "User Account ID:" should be your full email address again:

  10. "Password" needs to be the password that you have chosen when you signed up to Sysmatrix

  11. "Outgoing Mail Server:" should be

  12. After that is set up close out of "System Preferences" then click on the mail icon located on the dock. The mail program will open.

  13. Now you need to do the following:

  14. On the top "Apple Menu" click in the word "Mail" this is located next to the blue apple on the upper left hand corner

  15. Click on "preferences"

  16. Click on the first Icon that says "Accounts"

  17. Under "Description" you will see the email account you have created. (if you do not see your account click on "Add Account" and fill in the required information)

  18. Once your account is highlighted click on the button to the right that says "EDIT"

  19. Your information should already be filled in

  20. Click on the button on the bottom that says "Options"

  21. Check the SSL box

  22. Set "Authentication" to password by clicking on the up and down arrows

  23. Under "User Name" should be your full email address again:

  24. Under "Password" enter your login password.

  25. now click "OK"

  26. Now click "OK" again

  27. Close out "Accounts" by clicking the red button on the upper left hand corner

You are now able to use Apple Mail.

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