Lucent Win Modem Init Strings

Thanks to one of our loyal customers, here is how to do this.

  • Lucent, Chipset Modems K56Flex only (V.90 off) S109=0
  • Lucent, Chipset Modems K56flex or V.90 S109=1
  • Lucent, Chipset Modems V.90 only (K56Flex off) S109=2
  • Lucent Technologies, 56k Flex AT&F&C1
  • LT Winmodem 56kflex AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W1N3&Q5&K3S38=0
  • LT WinModem AT&FX
  • LT WinModem 56Kflex AT&F
  • LT WinModem 56Kflex AT&F1&W^M
  • LT Winmodem 56Kflex AT&FS=S10
  • LT Winmodem 56Kflex Enabled S38=1
  • LT Winmodem 56Kflex Disabled S38=0
  • LT Winmodem Limit Upstream S37=14
  • LT Winmodem V.90 Enabled -V90=1
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&FN3%C1
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&FS=S10
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&F&C1&D2%C0N3
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&FX&C1&D2S95=1
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&F&C1&D2L3S95=3S11U
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0-V90S37=0S38=8
  • LT Winmodem V.90 AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W1N3&Q5&K3S38=0
  • LT Winmodem V.90 Enabled AT&FX-v90=1S38=0S28=1
  • LT Winmodem V.90 Enabled AT&FX&C1&D2S38=0
  • LT Winmodem V.90 Disabled -V90=0
  • LT Winmodem Limited to 33.6 AT&FX-v90=0S38=0S28=1

To insert the Init String, follow these instructions:

Windows 95/98

  • Go to "My Computer"
  • then to "Dial-Up Networking"
  • Right click on your connection icon, & select Propeties (or highlight the icon and goto File then Properties)
  • Click on the "Configure" button at the bottom of that screen
  • Then click on the "Connection" tab
  • Then click on the "Advanced" button
  • You will see an extra settings box on this screen. This is where you can put the init string.
Windows NT4.0
  • Go to "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel"
  • In the Control Panel, double click on "Modems"
  • Highlight your modem, and click on "Properties"
  • Then click on the "Connection" tab
  • Then click on the "Advanced" button
  • Under "Extra Settings, you can put in the desired init string.


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