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Some time after midnight tonight, Sunday, October 19th, 2008, we will make the changes that will stop NEW mail delivery to the OLD mail server.

If you have NOT switched to using the new server yet then you will STOP getting new emails later tonight.

Please visit to read about switching to the new mail server.

All customers (even those who have already switched) please read the info below.

Starting TOMORROW AFTERNOON, Monday the 20th, ALL USERS please log in to the OLD WEBMAIL at and CLEAN UP any email that you do *NOT* want transferred to the new server inbox. This primarily applies to those who have been using webmail rather than Outlook or another local email program but those who use Outlook and have switched may get duplicate emails when we do the migration if you don't clean up what's come in to the old server since the day you switched to using the new servers.

Some time late next week after giving people a few days to "clean up" we will begin migrating the old mail from the old server to the new server. When we start the migration access to the old webmail server will be VERY slow. When we complete the migration the old mail server will be shut down.

When we migrate the mail from the old server it will move folders as gmail "tags". It's actually quite helpful in showing how tags are used the same as folders.

Moving your address book to the new webmail server

  1. Log in to the old webmail server at
  2. Click ADDRESSES at the top
  3. Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page and click "Eport to CSV File"
  4. Choose to SAVE the file to your computer. Give it a name you can remember and save it where you can find it.
  5. You can now log out of webmail and get offline
  6. Make a COPY of the file for backup.
  7. Open the file with a text editor like Notepad. Don't use "Word". If you have a spreadsheet program like Excel That would work even easier because it will keep the columns lined up for you.
  8. The file will have lines that look like this:
    • Bob,Bob Smith,Bob,Smith,bobs@domain.tld,
    • BSKA,Buskatiers List,Buskatiers,List,buskatiers@domain.tld,
    • etc.
    That's "Nickname", "FULL NAME", "First Name", "Last Name", "Email Address",
  9. You need to ADD a new line at the top that matches those columns EXACTLY and get rid of the ending comma
    Like this:
    • nickname,name,first name,last name,email address
    • Bob,Bob Smith,Bob,Smith,bobs@domain.tld
    • BSKA,Buskatiers List,Buskatiers,List,buskatiers@domain.tld
    • etc.
    This is all easily done in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Open Office Calc but is CAN be done with a plain text editor.
  10. You need to check EVERY line carefully to make sure all the commas are in the right place so the columns line up.
  11. Save it as a .csv file
  12. Log on to the new webmail at
  13. Click CONTACTS to the left
  14. Click IMPORT on the upper right side of the CONTACTS screen
  15. Clcik the BROWSE button
  16. Find the file you created and double click it
  17. Click the IMPORT button
  18. Click the OK button
  19. Your address book has been imported. If you are in "Older Version" or"Basic HTML" mode click the "ALL CONTACTS" link to see them all listed.
  20. If there were any ERRORS during the import you need to back and check the text file then try again. Most errors are caused by misplaced commas causing the columns to be out of alignment.


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