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UPDATE 10/19/2008 (STOPPING mail to old server and moving your address book)

Update 10/8/2008

In order to prevent the majority of users from having problems connecting to a heavily loaded mail server we are going to postpone transferring EXISTING email until AFTER we stop delivery to the main Sysmatrix server on the 19th.

All customers should be using the NEW gmail servers by the 19th as that is the day that new email will STOP being delivered into te old mail server. Once delivery has stopped to the old server we will begin the transfer of old mail. When we begin the transfer it will put a HEAVY load on the old mail server and cause access to be quite slow.

Everyone, please be aware that it would be a GOOD IDEA to log in to the old mail server around the 18th or 19th at and DELETE any mail that you do NOT want transferred to the new server. Once you have switched your POP3 client over to pick up mail from the new server email received after that date will be "piling up" on the old server.. When we transfer mail across to the new server it will show up again *AND* any spam received at the old server will show up as "non-spam" on the new server because the new server will simply treat it as "transferred mail" and assume it is all good.

The mail transfer process will move ALL mail except mail that is in the Trash folder from the old server to the new server. We will be comparing the list of customers on both servers and NOT moving email for those who have not set up their account on the new servers. We will keep the DATA from the old servers until the end of November before retasking the server for other duties.

Thank you,

Sysmatrix Mail Server Administrator

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