How to set up a Gmail account to filter spam out of your Sysmatrix email

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  1. Go to Make sure you are logged out of any existing gmail accounts so that you see the screen with the "Create Account" link.
    Click "Create Account"
  2. On the new account screen enter the requested information.
    For your new account name we suggest something indicating it is for your sysmatrix account.
    Eg. if your sysmatrix address is we suggest using as your new gmail address.
  3. Click the "Continue to gmail" button"
  4. Click the "X" to close the tutorial box
  5. Click the "GEAR" shaped icon in the upper right then click "Settings" on the drop down menu.
  6. Click the "Accounts and import" tab at the top of the settings menu
  7. Click "Add another email address you own"
  8. Put in your name and sysmatrix email address.
    Make sure "Treat as an alias" is **NOT** clicked.
    Click "Next step"
  9. Put in "" as the smtp server name.
    Make sure the PORT is set to 587
    Enter your FULL sysmatrix email address as the username
    Enter your password
    Click the selector beside "TLS"
    Click "Add account"
  10. Leave this window open
  11. Go check your Sysmatrix email through RoundCube or your email program.
  12. There will be an email from the GMail team with a security code in it
  13. Copy the code then go back to the verification window
  14. Paste or type the code in the box and click "Verify"
  15. On this screen click "Always reply from default address"
    Now click "Make default" to the right of your sysmatrix address
  16. Now click "Add a POP3 mail account you own"
  17. Enter your sysmatrix address and click "Next step"
  18. Make sure the username is your **FULL** Sysmatrix email address
    Enter your password
    Make sure the server is set to "" and the port is "995"
    Check the "Always use a secure connection" box and make sure *ALL* other boxes are **NOT** checked
    Click "Add account"
  19. Now, in order to use this with clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Android/Apple Mail one more setting needs to be fixed.
    Go back to the SETTINGS page and click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
    Click the button that says "Enable POP for all mail"
    Click the button that says "Enable IMAP"
    Click "Save Changes"
  20. Congratulations. You're done. You can now use this new account just like you used to log in before the change in July.
    The Gmail server will automatically check for,and download, new Sysmatrix email every few minutes, you don't have to log in to RoundCube again.
    Any email you send out from this gmail address will be sent *AS* your Sysmatrix address, no one needs to be notified of the Gmail address.
    You can set up this new Gmail address on your phone.


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