To see if service is available at your location please use the pre-qualification page at

  • The setup fee for EXISTING Sysmatrix dialup customers will be only $10, regardless of the fee listed on the order page

  • Shipping for modems is listed at $12.95 on the order pages only because it was a required entry. Customers will pay ACTUAL shipping cost by the most economical means possible that will ensure timely delivery. That will usually be quite a bit less than $12.95 but may occasionally be a bit higher. We do not charge a packing fee.

  • If you order a modem from us you can request that we charge you for the modem at the time of initial setup OR you can pay for the modem at $5.00/month for 11 months. Paying over time will incur a $5.00 processing fee that will be charged on the initial bill (so, $10 the first month then $5/month for 10 more months). Texas residents will pay tax on the full purchase price at the time of order whether paying lump sum or over time.

    • You can provide your own modem if you are in a Verizon or AT&T service area. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure it is compatible with the network but if you have had DSL service at the same location previously and still have the modem it should work. The only modem we currently have full support info for is the model that we supply -- D-Link 2320B -- full technical documentation can be found for this modem at
    • If you are in a COVAD supplied area you MUST purchase the modem through us.

  • If you provide your own modem REMEMBER TO GET FILTERS!! You need one filter for each regular telephone device that you will have connected to any telephone jack in your house. No filter on the DSL modem, yes filter on every other telephone device (answering machine, phone, regular dial-up modem if you leave it set up, etc.)

    • Taxes:
    • If you are a Texas resident you will pay 8.25% taxes on any monthly amount over $25 for Internet access. Eg. If service is $35/month you will be charged $0.83 tax on the $10 that is over the $25 exemption amount. You will also pay 8.25% tax on the modem purchase, shipping, and entire setup fee.
    • ALL CUSTOMERS will pay a Supplier Surcharge Recovery fee which is currently $1.93/month per account. This is a federal telecommunications tax imposed on all forms of telecommunications services. We currently have this "rolled into" your total price (eg. Sysmatrix is paying it for you) but reserve the right to break it out and charge it separately in the future.

  • Billing is on a prorated prepay basis. Billing for the next calendar month will occur on the 3rd of the current month or immediately for the initial payment if a customer signs up after the 3rd.
      For example:
    • if you sign up on the 15th of July you will be billed immediately a prorated amount for the 15th to 31st of July and ALSO the full amount for the 1st to 31st of August.
    • if you sign up on the 3rd of July you will be billed immediately a prorated amount for the 4th to the 31st of July *AND* you will be billed for the 1st to the 31st of August

  • The full legal DSL terms of service including all possible charges that may be incurred are located HERE

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