None of this will effect the ability of dial up or DSL customers to connect to the Internet. This ONLY effects email service.

We have been informed by Google that as of midnight June 30th/July 1st the google apps for ISP service will be removed. They are removing "bulk" accounts and trying to get everyone to move to their "GMail for business" platform at a cost of $5.00 per email address per month with no bulk discounts. We would have to pass that cost on to users and feel it is just too high.

This means that in less than a week sysmatrix email addresses through the google apps platform will stop.

We are currently working 24 hours per day and will have another email service up and running before the deadline but if you are currently SAVING emails on the mail server you need to back them up to your local computer NOW by following the instructions at the first link below.

If you have a very small amount of email saved the second link, using google itself to create a downloadable archive, may work. But if you have large amounts of email it could take days to create the backup file ... and we only have "days" left.

We suggest reading the first link and using "Gmail Backup" or "GMVault" (linked on that page under "other 3rd party software")

We are working 24 hours/day right now setting up a new mail server so that incoming email will NOT stop flowing and you will not lose your email addresses. We will send out another email telling you how to access your email on the new server as soon as it is up and running. We do not have email passwords saved in plain text format for setting up the new server so we will have you call us to get/set the password when the new server is active.

If you have used your sysmatrix address for Google Play on your Android devices you will have to set up a Gmail account for that service and for your devices. If you have paid for apps Google will be issuing refunds after the sysmatrix account is terminated so that you can re-purchase the app with your new account.

We have been using the Google Apps service since 2008 and this comes as quite a surprise to us. they are, however, a huge multinational business and as their business model changes some things are bound to "go away" so they can redirect the resources elsewhere.

Please forgive the inconvenience.

Start backing up your email NOW! Especially if you have thousands of emails that you want to save and you are on a dial up connection. If you have the ability to use a laptop to access a high speed connection I suggest you do so. Looking at the usage chart I see fewer than 200 addresses with 1 Gigabyte or more saved on the server. Those will take a while. Remember to not back up the "spam" and "trash" folders.

We expect to get slammed on the phones. It may take us a while to answer and you may get busy signals if enough people are calling us to fill up all the lines. Please be patient.

Thank you,

Sysmatrix Support Team

Thank you for your business and support as we make these changes.

Sysmatrix Support Team


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