Telephone technical and billing support lines will be closed for approximately 2 hours beginning at 7pm Friday, 2/13/2009 while AT&T continues work installing new circuits for new businesses opening in our area. This has no effect on the servers and will not affect your ability to connect to the Internet or receive email.

We will re-open the telephone support lines as soon as they tell us they are done. They state that "We are doing this work after normal business hours to avoid disruption of services for businesses in the area." We couldn't convince them to push the repair work back to 10pm.

If you call during the outage you may hear

  1. Our recording informing users of the outage
  2. A busy signal
  3. Ring with no answer
  4. Or
  5. A "this number is disconnected" recording
  6. Thank you for your patience.

    Sysmatrix Support Team


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