During our move to the new office a temporary circuit was set up for our servers so that the move could be made while contractors were still working on installing the permanent circuits.

Sprint will be doing the final remapping of the digital lines that our servers are connected to in our new offices at approximately 8:00 PM CDT tonight, 1/7/2008.

During this time most customers will notice no changes at all. Customers will still be able to dial in and connect to the Internet. Customers using Outlook or other such email software will still have email service as normal.

The primary issue during the outage will be for customers who use WEBMAIL exclusively.

Customers who use the WEBMAIL service by logging in to our website and clicking the "New webmail" link or who connect directly to webmail using a shortcut to "gmail.sysmatrix.net" will NOT be able to get to the webmail using those links.

During the outage you can reach the webmail logon page by using the following link. Please WRITE THIS DOWN or save it as a "favorite" in your web browser so you will have it to be able to get to your email during the outage.


The link above is the direct link to the webmail logon page that "http://gmail.sysmatrix.net" normally redirects you to.

During the outage www.sysmatrix.net will be unavailable.

During the outage telephone tech support will also be unavailable as our employees will be re-routing our servers to the permanent digital circuit while Sprint technicians reroute the connections. There will be a recording on the telephone support line until the remapping is complete.

The change will take from 1 to 3 hours total. Telephone tech support will be available again as soon as the servers are connected to the permanent circuit.

Thank you for your patience during our move.

Sysmatrix Support Team


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