Telephone technical and billing support will be closed from Thursday 11/27/2008 until Tuesday 12/2/2008 while we move into new offices. We are using the holiday weekend to make this move to minimize the impact on our subscribers.

We will reply to emailed support questions as we are available to do so. Please be aware that orders for new service will NOT be processed until we are fully available again on the 2nd.

There should be no significantly noticeable downtime while we make this move. The servers will go down for 20 or 30 minutes as we pull the plug in one office, move entire server rack to the other, and reboot. If you are already online this will NOT disconnect you.

We are not certain of the actual time of day for the move. We will have to wait for Sprint to complete the final switch for the server data connection. If we are able to get the move completely finished by Sunday then we will re-open the support phones on Monday. We are allowing the extra day because ... well, I'm sure most of you have had to work with the phone company once or twice when moving.

Our schedule of Holiday closings is at Changes will be noted with announcements like this one.


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